Joe & Lauren’s Storybook Engagement Session {tulsa photographers}

Whew!  It’s been a long, looooong time since I’ve done a blog post.  I guess it’s time to get back to work, and there’s no time like the present!  So I’ll start right here, with this great couple- Joe & Lauren.  Here are a few of my favorites from my Storybook session with them…tulsa photographers with Joe & Lauren facebook 2 facebook 3 facebook 4 facebook 5

Congratulations, you two!

Soven & Jessica part 2 {tulsa photographers}

Soven & Jessica know how to do it right!  They didn’t have just one event for their wedding, they had THREE!   You’ve already seen a few pictures from their ceremony at the Hindu Temple, and now I’ve got a few for you from their ceremony at TU.  You’ll notice a theme here- I am obsessed with Jessica’s hennaed hands!  (What exactly IS the past participle of henna?!)  TU weddings with tulsa photographers University of Tulsa weddings with tulsa photographers University of Tulsa weddings with tulsa photographers 2University of Tulsa weddings with tulsa photographers 3University of Tulsa weddings with tulsa photographers 4

Tyson & Erin’s Storybook Wedding {tulsa photographers}

Just go ahead and get yourself a cup of coffee and turn on some itunes, you’re gonna be here for awhile.  You might remember Erin & Tyson from their Storybook engagement session a little while back.  Well this past weekend, they sealed the deal in Durant, OK at a most beautiful, amazing, stunning, gorgeous wedding.  (If I could have thought of any other ways to say “pretty” in that sentence, I would’ve used them!)  When I walked into the venue area, my jaw dropped.  This is one of the times when I feel like I’d be lying if I didn’t say it…the pictures just don’t do it justice!  But that doesn’t mean I won’t try!
Here are the lovely ladies…

Durant Wedding Photographers And the very moment when Tyson turned around for the moment he’d anticipated all day!
seeing each other before the wedding, with tulsa photographersTrue love at a beautiful wedding in Durant with tulsa photographers tulsa photographers in Durant, OKThe wedding party!tulsa photographers The entrance to the ceremony site…tulsa photographers at Tyson & Erin's wedding The couple’s first dance…First dance pictures with tulsa photographers Erin and her father…Daddy daughter dance with tulsa photographers There was an amazing view in any direction!
tulsa photographers 2I’m telling you, Mrs. Pinterest herself couldn’t have done a better job!
cake cutting with tulsa photographerstulsa photographers 3sarah deneui, tulsa photographers Congratulations, Tyson & Erin!  Thank you so much for the honor of capturing your wedding day!

Mitchell & Charissa’s Storybook Wedding {tulsa photographers}

This past weekend, Mitchell & Charissa tied the knot at Holy Family in downtown Tulsa.  It was a beautiful wedding, and I love that they chose a morning wedding, it was so unique!  Charissa looked stunning, and her veil makes me want to get married again.  Ha!  Congratulations to the happy couple!
Holy Family Weddings tulsa

Tulsa weddings with tulsa photographers at holy family

Holy Family tulsa

tulsa photographers at holy family

charissa & Mitchell at holy family tulsa

tulsa photographers at holy family

tulsa photographers at holy family tulsa

Mike & Gina’s Storybook Engagement {tulsa photographers}  Mike & Gina.  I wish I could give them some sort of award for being the nicest people that I’ve photographed all year!  I’ll skip the long story, let’s just say that it ends with Mike dragging his jumper cables out and jumping my car.  I’m officially awarding them the Cyber Award of Niceness.

tulsa photographers engagement portraits

engagement portraits with tulsa photographers

engagement pictures tulsa with tulsa photographers

mike & gina with tulsa photographers

gina & mike with tulsa photographers