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Steve & Erin’s Storybook Wedding

Steve & Erin’s Storybook Wedding

Steve & Erin’s wedding day was so beautiful!  Here are a handful of favorites from this wedding that was shot for Storybook Wedding Photography. 

Gabe’s 2 Year Portraits                      {Tulsa Photographers}

Gabe’s 2 Year Portraits {Tulsa Photographers} This was the second time I had the privilege of capturing one of Gabe’s milestones.  I absolutely love having the opportunity to work with children as they grow!  (You can see the blog entry from his 1 year session here.) Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  

B Family Christmas Mini Session     {tulsa photographers}

B Family Christmas Mini Session {tulsa photographers} A Christmas Mini session in April, you ask?  Not really.  I’m just playing catch up!    

Braxton & Anna      {tulsa photographers}

Braxton & Anna {tulsa photographers} I was thinking about making an effort to catch up on my blogging from the last, well, HALF of a year that I haven’t been blogging.  Hmm, now that I just realized how much blogging that will be, we’ll just have to see if I really want to put that much work into it!…

Abigail                                                                          {tulsa photographers}

Abigail {tulsa photographers}  Abigail is kind of a rockstar around here.  She’s been photographed in the womb, at about 3 months, and again at about 7 months and has done an exceptional job each time!  She has absolutely stolen my heart, and I have truly enjoyed getting to know this family and their little angel Abigail.  Here…

The Williams’                                     {tulsa photographers}

The Williams’ {tulsa photographers} My new rule about blogging- I am not allowed to say anything if it’s past midnight when I write the blog.  Why, you ask?  Because I will undoubtedly make some sort of stupid joke that I’ll find embarrassing when I wake up in the morning.  Case in point: last weekend’s blog post (stupid joke…

Gabriel is One!   {tulsa photographers}

Gabriel is One! {tulsa photographers} Gabe was such a trooper through his entire session, I couldn’t have been happier with the way his portraits turned out!   Sometimes you just need to kiss your tractor.  

Garrett’s 6 month portraits        {tulsa photographers}

Garrett’s 6 month portraits {tulsa photographers} What?  How is this possible?!  Seems like it was 2 weeks ago that little Garrett was screaming his way through his newborn session.  Remember this little guy? Well he wasn’t screaming anymore!  (That was sooo six months ago.)  Garrett was FULL of smiles this time!  

Eden is 1!                                           {tulsa photographer}

Eden is 1! {tulsa photographer} Well, Eden is turning 1, even if the weather is freezing cold and rainy.  So Eden’s mom and I changed our plans and went into the studio for a session with Eden in her gorgeous Easter dress.    And you know how I have such great appreciation for the moms and dads that are…

Bean Family                                       {tulsa family photographer}

Bean Family {tulsa family photographer} I have now had the pleasure of working with this couple through two major milestones- first, their wedding day, and now their first family pictures with their adorable little boy.   I love that! Sometimes, you’ve just gotta cry it out.  

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