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Victoria Nicole                                                         {tulsa photographers}

Victoria Nicole {tulsa photographers} Today is a big day for this beautiful girl- she is moving 991 miles from home.  This day is, no doubt, a new frontier for her.  But Victoria?  She’s made of the right stuff; I am quite certain she’ll kick that new frontier’s rear.

Taylor’s Senior Portraits                                                                  {tulsa senior portraits}

Taylor’s Senior Portraits {tulsa senior portraits} Possibly the most fun I’ve ever had at a shoot.  Do I say that a lot?  I hope so, cuz that means I’m having a lot of  fun at work!  Taylor brought nearly the whole Rains crew to his shoot.  And when it comes to lovely people, this family tops my list! ddfalksdfha;sdfkj;asdkl

Taylor’s Senior Portraits                                      {tulsa photographers}

Taylor’s Senior Portraits {tulsa photographers} What a beautiful girl Taylor is!  I very much enjoyed the opportunity to photograph Taylor’s senior pictures.  We had such great weather for her session, we couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Adison’s Senior Pictures             {tulsa photographers}

Adison’s Senior Pictures {tulsa photographers} Adison just happens to be one of the nicest seniors I have ever met.  Seriously.  I’m not just saying that.  And it also just so happens that he is Samantha’s sister (who I’ve raved about in 3 previous posts- here, here and here).  So I’m thinking that Adison and Samantha’s mom and dad might…

Rachel’s Senior Portraits                                                {tulsa photographers}

Rachel’s Senior Portraits {tulsa photographers}

Okay, not that this is at all about me, but……I had SOOOO much fun shooting Rachel’s senior pictures this past week.  Everything about this girl just screams “model”!  Rachel was such a pleasure to be around, and when you add gorgeous to that mix- well, it’s a win-win!  Here are just a few of the…

Aubrey’s Senior Portraits    {tulsa photographers}

Aubrey’s Senior Portraits {tulsa photographers}

Aubrey, you’re absolutely beautiful! 

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