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Victoria Nicole                                                         {tulsa photographers}

Victoria Nicole {tulsa photographers} Today is a big day for this beautiful girl- she is moving 991 miles from home.  This day is, no doubt, a new frontier for her.  But Victoria?  She’s made of the right stuff; I am quite certain she’ll kick that new frontier’s rear.

Shrae Johnson                                                         {head shots in tulsa}

Shrae Johnson {head shots in tulsa} Shrae is such a natural.  She is comfortable and expressive in front of a lens and her eyes draw you in.   And even more than that, she’s genuine and kind.  I love it that I get to work with people like this!  

Meredith’s Storybook Bridals                                              {tulsa photographers}

Meredith’s Storybook Bridals {tulsa photographers} Meredith & Charles were married this past weekend (blog post coming soon!) so I’m now free to share with you some of my favorites from her bridal session.  We had fun!  

Brothers                                                                {tulsa photographers}

Brothers {tulsa photographers} Why do I always get the feeling that kids this age are laughing at ME and not at my jokes?  Ha.  At least babies think I’m funny.  

Sarah Moyer, Soprano                                                         {tulsa photographers}

Sarah Moyer, Soprano {tulsa photographers}     Sarah Moyer is the real deal.  She’s what we all dreamed of being when we grow up.  That’s just too cool!  I love meeting people like Sarah, who are doing what they are good at, what makes them happy, and what makes others around her happy.  To learn more about Sarah Moyer…

Facebook Giveaway   {tulsa photographers}

Facebook Giveaway {tulsa photographers}

Tulsa photographers Luke & Sarah DeNeui of Buona Sarah Photography are offering a facebook giveaway.  All you have to do is “like” us on facebook at for a chance to win.  Free session must be conducted on a weekday.  Cannot be combined with any other offers.  The winner will be randomly chosen once we have reached…

Rachel’s Senior Portraits                                                {tulsa photographers}

Rachel’s Senior Portraits {tulsa photographers}

Okay, not that this is at all about me, but……I had SOOOO much fun shooting Rachel’s senior pictures this past week.  Everything about this girl just screams “model”!  Rachel was such a pleasure to be around, and when you add gorgeous to that mix- well, it’s a win-win!  Here are just a few of the…

Ahmad’s headshots                                   {tulsa headshots}

Ahmad’s headshots {tulsa headshots} I meet the coolest people!  This past week, I met Ahmad, who just happens to be the brains behind the film Love Is, and he’s done very well at this weekend’s Tulsa International Film Festival.  I feel lucky, because soon I’ll be able to say “I knew him when…”.  You can find out more…

Will Crown’s headshots               {tulsa photographers}

Will Crown’s headshots {tulsa photographers} Okay, so I know I say this a lot, but I seriously meet the nicest people!                      

Gigi!!                             {tulsa photographers}

Gigi!! {tulsa photographers}

Gigi’s gonna be a superstar and I’ll get to say “I knew her back when..”  Love that!

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