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Gabe’s 2 Year Portraits                      {Tulsa Photographers}

Gabe’s 2 Year Portraits {Tulsa Photographers} This was the second time I had the privilege of capturing one of Gabe’s milestones.  I absolutely love having the opportunity to work with children as they grow!  (You can see the blog entry from his 1 year session here.) Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  

Gabriel is One!   {tulsa photographers}

Gabriel is One! {tulsa photographers} Gabe was such a trooper through his entire session, I couldn’t have been happier with the way his portraits turned out!   Sometimes you just need to kiss your tractor.  

Eden is 1!                                           {tulsa photographer}

Eden is 1! {tulsa photographer} Well, Eden is turning 1, even if the weather is freezing cold and rainy.  So Eden’s mom and I changed our plans and went into the studio for a session with Eden in her gorgeous Easter dress.    And you know how I have such great appreciation for the moms and dads that are…

Agimudie Family                                   {tulsa photographers}

Agimudie Family {tulsa photographers} Not gonna lie.  When this family contacted me about doing family pictures I was so excited- I was thinking to myself “The Agimudies?!  Those two make THE cutest kids!  Yes please!”  And beyond having adorable children who are always stylishly dressed, Amy is an amazing mom who inspires so many.  Her blog, Life Through…

Demory Grace is two years old                         {children’s photographer tulsa}

Demory Grace is two years old {children’s photographer tulsa} Talk about photogenic!  This little girl is a natural!

Patty’s Birthday at the Silo                          {tulsa photographers}

Patty’s Birthday at the Silo {tulsa photographers}   Patty had such a beautiful birthday celebration at the Silo, put on by her family who quite clearly thinks the world of her!  They put so much thought and work into every detail of this party.  Watching Patty interact with her friends and family, I could see clearly that she was proud of all…

Danie                 {tulsa children’s photographer}

Danie {tulsa children’s photographer}   Danie and her mom were in town for a few days so we had the chance to get some fun portraits while they were here.  She was really workin’ it, and her mom and I were having a blast watching her! Happy almost-fifth birthday, precious girl!  Can’t wait to see you again!  

Vincent’s 90th Birthday Party                        {tulsa photographers}

Vincent’s 90th Birthday Party {tulsa photographers}  Recently, my grandfather turned 90.  The whole family headed for Buffalo and had a full 3 days of celebrations, and we ended the weekend with a big party at The Red Coach Inn overlooking Niagara Falls.  It was such a very special evening, I can imagine that my grandfather must have felt both very…

Bo is 3!                             {tulsa photographers}

Bo is 3! {tulsa photographers}   Try as we might, Bo was not interested in his mommy’s goal for the evening: We did manage to get some gems, but this post was kinda fun!        

Happy Birthday Greyson!            {tulsa birthday parties}

Happy Birthday Greyson! {tulsa birthday parties}  Greyson’s kind of a rockstar around here.  Let’s see, he made his first appearance in mommy’s tummy, and then came his newborn portraits, 6 month pictures, 9 month pictures and now finally his first birthday party.  Greyson’s mommy and grandmother did an AMAZING job with every single detail of his party!  I wish I…

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