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Gabe’s 2 Year Portraits                      {Tulsa Photographers}

Gabe’s 2 Year Portraits {Tulsa Photographers} This was the second time I had the privilege of capturing one of Gabe’s milestones.  I absolutely love having the opportunity to work with children as they grow!  (You can see the blog entry from his 1 year session here.) Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  

B Family Christmas Mini Session     {tulsa photographers}

B Family Christmas Mini Session {tulsa photographers} A Christmas Mini session in April, you ask?  Not really.  I’m just playing catch up!    

Braxton & Anna      {tulsa photographers}

Braxton & Anna {tulsa photographers} I was thinking about making an effort to catch up on my blogging from the last, well, HALF of a year that I haven’t been blogging.  Hmm, now that I just realized how much blogging that will be, we’ll just have to see if I really want to put that much work into it!…

Abigail                                                                          {tulsa photographers}

Abigail {tulsa photographers}  Abigail is kind of a rockstar around here.  She’s been photographed in the womb, at about 3 months, and again at about 7 months and has done an exceptional job each time!  She has absolutely stolen my heart, and I have truly enjoyed getting to know this family and their little angel Abigail.  Here…

Gavin                                                                          {tulsa in-home newborn photographer}

Gavin {tulsa in-home newborn photographer} I’ve been waiting a long, long time to meet this little one!   I love this one.  Poke him and find out if he’s real! 

Makena                                                                     {tulsa newborn photograher}

Makena {tulsa newborn photograher} Charles & Meredith are kind of a staple around here.  You might recognize this family from Meredith’s Storybook bridal session, or their Storybook wedding, or their maternity session just a few weeks ago.   But now,  the Thornton’s are a party of THREE!  Their little family is growing!   This Sunday will be Charles’…

A Day with Gabriel                                      {tulsa newborn photographers}

A Day with Gabriel {tulsa newborn photographers}  Gabriel, so tiny and sweet.     

The Williams’                                     {tulsa photographers}

The Williams’ {tulsa photographers} My new rule about blogging- I am not allowed to say anything if it’s past midnight when I write the blog.  Why, you ask?  Because I will undoubtedly make some sort of stupid joke that I’ll find embarrassing when I wake up in the morning.  Case in point: last weekend’s blog post (stupid joke…

Melvonya’s Maternity Session                            {tulsa photographers}

Melvonya’s Maternity Session {tulsa photographers} Mel & Anthony have a little one on the way, and soon!  We had a great time getting some portraits for them to remember such a special time in their lives together.  Here are a few from their session…  

Meredith’s Maternity Session                      {Tulsa photographers}

Meredith’s Maternity Session {Tulsa photographers}  This is one of my favorite parts of this job.  I met Meredith when I shot her Storybook bridal session last year.  She was one of those people who I instantly liked.   Then, my husband and I shot her and Charles’ Storybook wedding day, when I was able to meet the rest of…

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