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Fearfully & Wonderfully                                                             {tulsa birth photography}

Fearfully & Wonderfully {tulsa birth photography}  I don’t even know where to start.  If you’re a mother, you know what I mean.  And Brooke knows exactly what I mean, too.  I’ll begin by saying that these pictures are very minimally edited.  This is not about flawless skin or perfect lighting.  Rather, this is an open and honest look at the…

Demory turns 1                                                       {tulsa photographers}

Demory turns 1 {tulsa photographers} Demory is kind of a big deal around here.  You might also remember her from here, or here.  Hands down, she has the best smile.  Ever.

Will Crown’s headshots               {tulsa photographers}

Will Crown’s headshots {tulsa photographers} Okay, so I know I say this a lot, but I seriously meet the nicest people!                      

Gigi!!                             {tulsa photographers}

Gigi!! {tulsa photographers}

Gigi’s gonna be a superstar and I’ll get to say “I knew her back when..”  Love that!

Danie turns 4       {tulsa photographers}

Danie turns 4 {tulsa photographers}

Danie is my son’s best friend, although if I showed you ALL of the pictures of them together you’d see that SunDrops were involved in a bribe to get them within my frame at the same time.  Anyway, back to Danie- she loves having her picture taken.  After each series of clicks, she runs over…

Aubrey’s Senior Portraits    {tulsa photographers}

Aubrey’s Senior Portraits {tulsa photographers}

Aubrey, you’re absolutely beautiful! 

Ashlynn                           {tulsa newborn photographer}

Ashlynn {tulsa newborn photographer}

Talk about a beautiful family!  Look at them!  And this family is beautiful on the inside and out.  Little Ashlynn is going to grow up one happy little girl! Welcome Ashlynn!

Emily & Danny’s Storybook Engagement Session    {tulsa photographers)

Emily & Danny’s Storybook Engagement Session {tulsa photographers) Did you ever meet someone briefly and think to yourself  “I like them!” and you can’t even put your finger on why?  Well, that’s exactly what it was like to meet Danny and Emily.  I only spent a short amount of time with them, so it’s not like I know their life history, all…

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